Selling your story

Have you got an interesting real-life story? As a journalist, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people with remarkable stories they wanted to share.

You may feel the same way. Maybe your life has been turned upside-down in some unexpected way but you had the determination to move on. Perhaps you’ve done something extraordinary, found love in unusual circumstances or overcome the odds to achieve your dream or goal.

You may know someone who’s been through tough experiences and, despite the setbacks, they’ve got their life back on track.

Anyone can get in touch but I’d particularly like to hear from women who want to tell their story.  Whatever your circumstances, all discussions will be handled with sensitivity.

If your story appears in a newspaper or magazine I will secure the best interview fee possible, which can be hundreds or sometimes thousands of pounds.

This fee is usually paid by the newspaper or magazine on publication.

Please contact Topline Media if you’d like to discuss your story.